I am Kristina McGrath, offering tech editing services to knitting designers, for clear and accurate patterns, happy knitters, and always maintaining each designer’s unique voice.

Please take a look around and see the tech editing services I offer. I understand that you want as many knitters as you can get to love knitting your patterns, and that means they need to be clear and correct, and that’s not always easy!  Having a tech editor to worry about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, can take a lot of stress out of designing.

I can help by checking all the details like style, grammar, spelling, information and instructions, as well as checking all the math and any charts or schematics. I am happy to offer as much or as little feedback as you want, and get the edit done in an easy and timely fashion. I can also create charts, or even write the romance for you. My goal is to make sure you are happy with your pattern, that your unique self and style shines through, and that you can be confident the pattern is accurate and clear for your knitters. Together we can make your pattern its best! 🙂 Contact me anytime with this form to talk about what you need done!

Thanks for looking in, and happy knitting and designing!