About Me

My name is Kristina McGrath, and I live in Massachusetts with my husband and my two little kids, working from home as a tech editor. I have been knitting for over ten years, with a wide range of experience.  Like most of you probably, knitting is a real passion for me (I may be slightly obsessed, perhaps even more with yarn…) More than knitting, I so enjoy editing my clients’ patterns and designs, and knitting them in my head. It’s so exciting to see the new things designers come up with! Beyond knitting and editing, I find I spend a lot of my free time cooking and baking, too. I love to make traditional Lithuanian dishes, and to make things that are new and inspiring to me, like these amazing cookies I just discovered. My husband keeps us all up to date on anything Marvel, which the kids love hearing him wax on about, as he is an old educated fan. 🙂 We spend a ton of time outside in our yard, and enjoy our gardens so much, but maybe don’t weed as much as we should…

I am constantly taking novels out of the library and read way too late at night once I’m done knitting. Sometimes I knit and read together, which is a super enjoyable thing that I’m psyched to be able to do. I have a lot of knitting books (of course), and can’t get enough new information. There is always something new to learn, and a new way of looking at things.  Feel free to share the titles of any of your favorite knitting references – I’d love to hear it, and am always building my library. Lots of times I take knitting books out from my local library before I can buy them (and yes, I renew them a lot)! There is a lot of information online, too. Check out this fellow tech editor’s resource page, super helpful! I don’t think there is anything she misses.

I also crave order and organization (drive my family nuts with that one :)), spreadsheets, spelling (oh my goodness, I drive everyone crazy with that one, too :)) and writing, and charts don’t scare me. 🙂  These are skills I’ve been using over and over in various fields (from academia to theatre – oh yes – to sales, and administrative), with my own knitting, and also as a mom! Taking Joeli Kelly’s two courses on tech editing knitting patterns was the best step I ever took in that path; tech editing is a natural fit for me, and I am happy to help!

As a knitter, I know how important it is to have clear and well presented patterns, that knitters can knit from easily, with accurate directions and math, and sample pictures that match.  There’s nothing more frustrating for a knitter than a pattern they have to struggle with. Tech editing can eliminate this frustration, is an essential step in pattern development, and can make all the difference in your patterns.  I can help by checking your patterns to assure they are clear, correct, and consistent with your style, and in a way that is painless and easy for you, too! Contact me anytime with questions about me, or to talk about your designs and what I can to do help!

Thanks for getting to know me!